About University:

Tel-Hai Academic College, the Northern College in Israel, lies in the heart of the Eastern Galilee and is located in a breathtaking landscape.  However, what has turned the College to the first choice for many is the vibrant social life, the small classrooms, the personal attention and above all – the high academic level which provides a proven springboard for continuing studies in all areas, in Israel and abroad.

About the College – Diversity is the main point.

The Tel Hai Academic College offers 15 academic programs for bachelor’s degree in two faculties:

The Faculty of Sciences (B.Sc) includes: the Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Animal Sciences, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Nutritional Sciences, the Department of Food Science and the Department of Computer Sciences.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (B. A) includes: the Department of East Asian Studies, the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Social Work, the Department of Education and the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies.

In addition, the Academic College operates eight graduate programs: Nutrition Studies (applied curriculum or theoretical curriculum), Biotechnology (applied curriculum or theoretical curriculum), Water Sciences (applied curriculum or theoretical curriculum), Galilee studies (applied curriculum or theoretical curriculum), Drama Therapy, Social Work, Educational Psychology and Education.

Tel-Hai is the only college in Israel that offers two research tracks in the Master’s curriculum.

People working full or partial time are invited to take the undergraduate programs that were developed specifically for them in a variety of fields. For example: the concentrated BA program in Economics and Management.

To complete the supportive teaching environment, students enjoy advanced computer rooms, sophisticated laboratories, a rich library and close and comfortable student dormitories.

Education to All

Alongside the academic track, the College offers additional study frameworks: pre-academic preparatory programs, an Institute for Arts Studies, an Institute for Drama Therapy, an Institute for Arts Therapy and a Center for Continuing Education Program and for External Studies.

The External Studies Division includes several courses for exclusive specializations: wine production, olive oil production and more.

Support all the way to… a job

The college assists eligible students with scholarships, sustenance scholarship stipends, excellence scholarships and dormitories.

In addition, as part of a unique program initiated by the College, students from the various departments may integrate into work places in the area while studying and gain practical experience.

Thus, students from the Department of Computer Sciences work for remuneration at hi-tech plants such as B.S.C, Mellanox and Tadiran Communication, while students from the Department of Economics and Management work at the Galcon factory.

And the result: most of the working students integrate the labor market after their studies with a regular job.

Involved in the community, taking care of the environment

About 5,000 students of the academic and external learning programs create a rich and vibrant campus with extensive activities of art events, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums and seminars.

The College promotes and encourages students to become involved in the community and to be active for the residents of the region. Students from the departments of Education, Social Work, Psychology and Nutrition are involved in dozens of academic and social projects: in centers for the prevention of domestic violence, in centers for victims of sexual assaults, in rehabilitation programs in prisons, in hospitals, schools and more.

As a “green campus”, accredited as such by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the campus resolves the issue of the waste generated in the campus, operates a comprehensive recycling system, emphasizes energy savings and is involved in other aspects of environmental protection.

The project is supervised by the Center for Green Technologies in the College and the campus’s Green Council, and students from the Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology Departments are involved.

The Courses Of: Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai

The course staff Of Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai

Dr. Yonit Nissim

Head of the Education and Learning Department

קצת עלי

Dr. Maytal Shabat Simon

Head of the Sciences and Biology Department

קצת עלי

Dr. Moshe Farchi


קצת עלי

Dr. Rakefet Sharon

Course Creator and Coordinator

קצת עלי

Yaacov Hecht

Course Creator and Coordinator

קצת עלי

Meital Shinbaum

Graphic Designer

קצת עלי

Prof. Rivka Wadmany Shauman

Course Founder, Lecturer and Scholar

קצת עלי