Welcome to the CampusIL website which was set up by the Headquarters for the National Digital Israel Initiative, which is part of the National Digital Affairs Directorate, the State of Israel (hereinafter: "the Website" and Digital Israel Headquarters", respectively).

CampusIL, the national digital learning venture, is based upon the unique platform from edX and allows broad sections of the public to develop and make progress throughout their lives – from pupils in the education system and students, through teachers, civil servants and jobseekers, and up to senior citizens, including any curious person wishing to expand his horizons. Here you will find the best digital courses from the best academic institutions, government ministries and other public bodies in Israel. The courses, produced at a very high level and with an emphasis on the quality of teaching, combine video clips, advanced interactive tools, forums and a variety of experiential and customized study tracks. We wish you enjoyable and meaningful learning!

We would like you to carefully read the conditions set out in detail below, as they govern the entry to and use of the Website, including any changes that may be made in them from time to time.

  1. Intellectual property

  • The Website and all the content contained therein are protected pursuant to the intellectual property laws, including copyright laws and trademark laws. This content includes, for example, texts, pictures, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, software applications, etc., as well as the protected trade names CampusIL and other symbols.
  • All the rights in the Website and in the materials contained therein are reserved to their owners – who are the Digital Israel Headquarters or third parties who have allowed the Digital Israel Headquarters to include them on the Website.
  • A Website user who is of the opinion that material which should not be shown for any reason whatsoever appears on it is requested to apply to the Website by sending an email to the address support@campus.gov.il and the material will be removed insofar as the request is deemed to be justified.
  • Use of the Website and the content contained therein is permitted pursuant to the "Fair Use" conditions within the meaning thereof in Section 19 of the Copyright Law, 5768-2007. Accordingly, you are permitted to use the Website and the materials for the purposes of independent study, research, review, survey, newspaper reporting, quotes, or teaching and examination by an educational institution, provided that the use thereof is made fairly from the aspect of the purpose of the use and the nature thereof; the nature of the work used; the scope of the use in relation to the work in its entirety and the effect of the use on the value of the work. Furthermore, during the use of the materials you must take care to give proper attribution (credit) to the creator of the work and avoid doing anything which might be harmful to the work, insofar as it might injure the creator's honor or reputation.
  • Beyond that, it is absolutely forbidden to make any other use of the materials, including copying, distributing, sharing, making changes, etc. without obtaining written permission from the Digital Israel Headquarters in advance.
  • In cases where use of the materials is permitted under an "open license" – this shall be expressly noted and the use of the materials shall be subject to the conditions of this license.
  • A user who uploads materials, information and comments to the Website thereby grants the Digital Israel Headquarters free and full permission, for no consideration, to use them by itself, or via others, in any form, media and format whatsoever.
  1. Links to external sites

  • Links may appear on the Website referring to external sites to the Website. These have been created for the user's convenience, but they are not under the control of the for Digital Israel Headquarters and the Digital Israel Headquarters is not liable in any way whatsoever for the content appearing therein, so that neither should these links be deemed to be an approval of the Digital Israel Headquarters of the contents thereof. It should be clarified that this does not derogate from the fact that occasionally the course staff may refer, as part of the course, to content on an external site.
  • A user of the Website who thinks that a link to content or an external site is inappropriate/improper for any reason whatsoever is requested to apply to the Website by sending an email to the address support@campus.gov.il and the link will be amended/removed insofar as the request is deemed to be justified.
  1. Data security and cyber protection

  • As is known, the internet is vulnerable to various risks of penetration into databases, copying or changing the information appearing there, online frauds such as phishing (fishing information by hostile bodies while impersonating an authorized body), etc.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters is taking advanced measures for securing the information stored on the Website and the services provided via it, inter alia by demanding identification by the Digital Israel Headquarters (as set out in detail below) or by demanding identification of third parties authorized by the Digital Israel Headquarters; however, by the very nature of things, this cannot completely prevent the occurrence of all the aforesaid risks. Accordingly, the Website user hereby releases the Digital Israel Headquarters and anyone on its behalf from any liability for any damage, loss or expense he is liable to incur, directly or indirectly, during the course of the use of the Website or as a result of the use thereof and its content.
  • It is the user's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his identification details for the Website, as well as to be alert and cautious, for example, in relation to phishing notices, which may be sent, prima facie, on behalf of the Digital Israel Headquarters. At the same time, the Digital Israel Headquarters recommends using additional security measures provided by the computer's operating system and appropriate software, as well as to avoid using recognized services on the Website by using public computers and networks.
  1. Privacy policy


User identification

  • The majority of the services on the Website require user identification by means of registration for the Website by a one-time process, within the framework of which he is required to provide identifying particulars. At the end of the registration process, the user will choose a password, by means of which his identity is verified every time he wishes to receive recognized services from the Website. The username and password chosen by the user are personal and should not be transferred or disclosed to another.
  • Every time the recognized services are used the registered user will be sent an email or text message, according to the contact details he supplied, notifying him of this use. In the event where the user has received such a message, without him having used the Website, or in any event of fear of infringement of the user's privacy and confidentiality on the Website, he should immediately send a message to the address support@campus.gov.il.
  • The user may erase his identification details from the Website's identification system or renew them at any time, but the Digital Israel Headquarters may keep a copy of the identification details for the purposes of documentation in a separate database from the identification system. It should be noted that erasing the user's identification details from a particular course may be performed by the user himself, while erasing the user's identification details from the platform requires applying to CampusIL's technical support hotline by one of the communication channels set out in detail on the support page on the Website.

Collection, retention and use of information

  • In order to register for the Website the user will be required to provide personal information, including: full name, email name and address, as well as provide additional information such as age, gender, place of residence and education.
  • For the purpose of the provision of services which require payment, in the event of registration for a certificate course which requires payment, the user's payment details will be collected and kept.

Technological tools for collecting information – general


  • The Digital Israel Headquarters uses third parties' customary technological tools for the purpose of collecting personal information and anonymous information, for example cookies, Google Analytics, internet tabs and Facebook © pixel technology, inter alia for the purpose of an analysis of statistical data about the use of the Website and for the purpose of improving the user's browsing experience. Thus, for example, information such as information about students' performances and study patterns is collected, as well as data about the user's browsing history on the Website for the purpose of the Website's maintenance and efficient management. In operating these tools on the Website, the companies providing the tools (for example Google and Facebook) use their cookies for identifying your device and collecting information such as your IP address, unique identifiers of the device you are using to browse and its characteristics, your activity on the Website, the pages you have viewed and more. The cookies are likely to allow them to identify your device even after leaving the CampusIL site. The information they collect is likely to be kept in the databases of companies outside Israel. In this matter you may review the terms of service of such third parties.
  • With regard to Google Analytics services
  • Third party cookies which are likely to assist the Website document the IP address, operating system and browser software used on the Website and its ability to identify from the IP address the identity of the internet provider and the geographical location of the user's communication point. Some of the information on the Website is collected using cookies files (small text files which are inserted into the computer and which document information about the user, which the Website can access), depending upon the user's willingness to allow the use of files of this kind via the browser definitions on the Website.
  • Nevertheless, it is clarified that refusal to accept the cookies files sent from the Website may adversely affect the functioning of parts of the Website and auxiliary tools operating therein.
  • Collecting information from social networks
  • As aforesaid, the Website uses Facebook pixel third party cookies which are installed by third parties with the aid of which the Website may collect certain information for the purpose of behavioural and demographic research, for the purpose of customized advertising on the media networks. The Website will receive information about the user including particulars, photographs, profile pic, age range, gender, email address and identifying number (which is given to every user), unique identifiers for the device which the user is using to browse and its characteristics, activity on the Website including the pages the user has viewed and additional information in accordance with the consents between the user and the social networks sites. The information collected will only be available on the CampusIL's advertising account. The user may control these cookies via his browser's definitions.
  • You may review Facebook's and Google's terms of service for further particulars in this matter.
  • When you consent to the conditions of this privacy policy and the conditions of the services set out in detail therein, you are agreeing to the use of the described technologies and of other technologies, as may subsist from time to time for similar purposes, including the use of information which may be stored via them for the purpose of the user's identification and/or characterization thereunder.
  • It should be clarified that at any time you may also update or change the definitions on your device/computer and block entirely or partially the use of the various cookies files and/or other authorizations requested by the online and digital services you use. In such instance, it is possible that all or some of certain services might not operate properly (for example, it is possible that automatic identification, usage preferences or language for example will not be kept). A change in your device's definitions as aforesaid is your responsibility alone. Likewise, you can also remove yourself from the use of Google Analytics and other third party services as set out in detail above, according to their conditions, and redefine and control the advertisements addressed to you from Google, Facebook and others via your user definitions directly on their sites. For example, on your Facebook site, you can access your profile settings: – Privacy Settings – Settings – Your Facebook Information – Off-Facebook Activity (where you can manage the joint information of Facebook and its business customers, at your discretion).
  • As a rule, information will be collected and stored on the Website for the following purposes: for the purpose of user identification and verification of his identity when entering the Website and when making a payment or receiving a repayment; in order to allow the Digital Israel Headquarters and the educational institutions to improve the user's experience of the Website; to streamline and improve the accessibility of the services that it provides to the user; for the purposes of scientific research, and in particular for the purposes of educational research; in order to statistically analyze the users' performances and track the data of their presence, progress and completion of online courses with the aim of improving the online course; in order to monitor and identify abuse of the Website; in order to improve the Website, its systems and security.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the user hereby grants his consent to the collection, retention and publication of information and quantitative data collected with regard to him including via third party cookies, with an emphasis on Google Analytics and Facebook pixel services.
  • Personal information conveyed to the Website will be kept pursuant to the provisions of any law, including the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, and the Protection of Privacy Regulations (Data Security), 5777-2017.

Collection of information during a remote examination procedure 

  • There is the possibility that for the purpose of receiving a verified certificate upon completion of a digital course on the National Platform, the user will be required to pass an examination which will be held "remotely", that is to say, via electronic means, such as computer, and not under the physical supervision of examiners on behalf of the Digital Israel Headquarters.
  • In these cases, for the purpose of participation in a "remote" examination for the purpose of receiving a verified certificate, the user will be required to grant the Digital Israel Headquarters and/or a third party on its behalf his consent to use the technological and other tools the purpose of which is to preserve the purity of the examinations and equality among the examinees. These tools can be, for example, sharing your computer screen during the examination; recording the examination on camera (including the examinee's face identification); audio recording of the examination environment (including the examinee's voice identification); recording the internet browsing activity during the examination or other similar measures.
  • There is the possibility that for the purpose of the use of these tools, you will be required to allow the installation of special applications on your PC.
  • The information inputted and collected using these tools will be stored in the Digital Israel I Headquarters' servers and used in order to ensure the purity of the examinations and equality among the examinees.

Sharing information with third parties

  • The Website and the information therein are stored in the Amazon server farm (AWS) in Israel and in an EU country, and as such they are subject to AWS's privacy policy and terms of service which appear here.
  • Furthermore, the Website is managed by a company with which the Digital Israel Headquarters has engaged (E & M Computing Co. Ltd.), which is committed to maintaining information security, and which is barred, according to its undertaking vis-à-vis the Digital Israel Headquarters, from making any use of the information, otherwise than insofar as this is required for the purpose of performing its role or by law.
  • In addition, the Digital Israel Headquarters reserves for itself the right to share the information and data given to or collected by it with third parties offering courses via the Website, including educational institutions and institutes of higher education.
  • The information shall be shared in accordance with the purposes set out in detail above, while requiring the third parties to protect the information in a similar fashion to the method of protection taken by the Digital Israel Headquarters.
  • Information obtained via the Website for the purpose of receiving services may also be transferred to service providers in Israel and abroad, which perform certain acts on behalf of the Digital Israel Headquarters or the academic institution, including processing the information supplied by the Website user, processing of purchase and other transactions on the Website via third party suppliers, operation of the Website or parts thereof, the supply or management of courses. These suppliers are under an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information in accordance with the applicable law.
  • The information shall be shared with third parties under the following conditions:
  1. Information shall be shared with suppliers and bodies who are engaged with the Digital Israel Headquarters by virtue of an agreement or tender or invitation to tender for the purpose of operating a particular aspect on the Website. Thus for example, in all matters pertaining to the course "the State's Psychometric Test" which may be found on the Website, information is shared in relation to the performance of exercises, watching video clips and the content of connections, for example, with the course operator.
  2. Information shall be shared with other visitors to the Website, if the user chooses to publish comments, homework or any information whatsoever in the areas on the Website designed for public communication.
  3. Information which the user publishes in areas on the Website designed for the review of members of the study group in the present or in future study groups, shall be shared with these other users.
  4. For the purposes of scientific research which is not performed by a third party offering a course on the Website, provided that the information is anonymous.
  5. In order to connect between users for study purposes.
  6. In response to a summons to a tribunal or court order, or for any other legal process; in order to examine, or defend oneself in an investigation, or in order to act in response to unlawful activities, suspicion of fraud; in light of security problems or technical problems; in order to enforce the terms of service of the Website, in order to protect the rights of the Digital Israel Headquarters, the property or security of the Digital Israel Headquarters or of others.
  7. With parties who may replace, entirely or partially, the Digital Israel Headquarters in the management of the Website or parts thereof.
  8. For the purpose of collecting funds in accordance with the details of the debit given, insofar as a course which requires payment is concerned.
  9. For the purpose of integration with third party services. Thus, for example, with regard to video clips and other content uploaded on the YouTube website or online services (such as software code writing generator), on other sites which are not under the control of the Digital Israel Headquarters.


  1. Rules of conduct in the online environment 

  • The laws of the State of Israel apply to the Website, and in certain cases also the laws applicable to the transfer of information outside the borders of the State.
  • A user who uploads material, information or a comment of any kind whatsoever to the Website bears full liability for his acts.
  • Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is absolutely forbidden to upload content which harms the good name of others; materials which disturb or threaten others; materials which deal with illegal activity; materials which infringe another person's intellectual property; humiliating, pornographic, blunt, disrespectful or unlawful materials; materials containing advertisements or commercial solicitation; materials connected to party political activity and any material deliberately containing misleading or imprecise information uploaded with the intention of misleading others.
  • The user is absolutely forbidden from abusing the Website and the services provided therein, including by way of interfering with or encumbering the services provided on the Website, creating remote access to them, by any means whatsoever, copying materials from the Website by technological or other means, etc. Likewise, it is forbidden to interfere with the use or enjoyment of another user of the Website or an unauthorized entry to the Website or to the accounts of other users thereof.


  1. Liability

  • The service offered to the users on the Website is AS IS.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters shall not bear any liability for customizing the services provided within the framework of the Website to the user's requirements; likewise, it shall bear no liability for errors or deficiencies in the materials or the information displayed on the Website. As a rule, neither will the Digital Israel Headquarters bear any liability for any damage or expense which the user or any third party may incur as a direct or indirect result of the use of the Website, including damage incurred due to the use of the software applications downloaded directly via the Website or operated as a result of the use of the Website directly or indirectly.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters shall not bear any liability for any changes made in the material displayed on the Website, by the user or by any third party.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters has the right, at its discretion, to conduct a review in relation to the publications of any kind whatsoever which are uploaded to the Website, by users or by any other party, by means of editing them or removing them – fully or partially – for any reason whatsoever, without giving notice thereof to the publishing party in advance or retroactively.

  1. Certificates

  • The Digital Israel Headquarters, government ministries, academic institutions and other organizations offering courses on the Website are entitled to award a certificate of completion or recognition of another kind ("Certificate") to users who, in their opinion, have shown sufficient mastery of the content of the course they have taken.

The decision regarding the awarding of a Certificate to a user in a particular course is under the sole discretion of the body offering the course but may be subject to obtaining the approval of CampusIL. CampusIL or the bodies supplying courses on the Website are entitled to choose not to award a Certificate in respect of certain courses. In these cases, it is possible that certificates will be issued by CampusIL, with the name of the body which uploaded the course.

  • It is possible that the user will be required to pay a designated payment for the purpose of receiving a verified completion Certificate.
  • The fact that a user is a student of one or more of the courses at CampusIL, or completes one or more of the courses at CampusIL, does not grant the user any right whatsoever vis-à-vis the body which uploaded the course and the user shall have no right to use the resources of the body which uploaded the course or the resources of CampusIL beyond participation in the online courses offered on the Website, and neither shall the user have the right to receive bonuses or privileges awarded to students registered at the body which uploaded the course, insofar as there are any.

  1. Miscellaneous

  • The State of Israel which is represented in this agreement by the "Digital Israel Headquarters" as it is defined above, includes all its employees and representatives.
  • If a contradiction or inconsistency is found between the material published on the Website and the material appearing in official written publications of the State of Israel, the material in these official publications shall be deemed to be correct and shall prevail. In any event of contradiction or inconsistency between the material displayed on the Website and another publication of the Digital Israel Headquarters, the Digital Israel Headquarters shall determine which of the publications shall be deemed to be correct.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters may change the terms of service of the Website at any time, when any such change shall enter into force immediately upon its display on the Website.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters may suspend, terminate or abstain from providing access to the Website or the services to a user who does not comply with the terms of service, in full or in part, or if the Digital Israel Headquarters or any competent authority are investigating suspicion of conduct contrary to law or to the terms of service during the use of the Website, at the sole discretion of the Digital Israel Headquarters.
  • In any inquiry or question concerning the activity of the Website, you may send an email to the address support@campus.gov.il.
  • Jurisdiction: the terms of service of the Website and any claim or dispute connected to these terms of service shall be heard pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel and shall be decided solely in the competent court in Jerusalem.
  • The terms of service of the Website and the Website itself are drafted in the masculine for reasons of convenience, but relate to both men and women equally.
  • The Digital Israel Headquarters wishes you a fruitful, challenging and enjoyable experience in your online studies.