When does a person finish studying? At the end of the semester? Upon graduation? After completing a Ph.D. 

The dynamic and changing world we live in requires each and every one of us to learn throughout the course of life. The good news is that the technological developments of our time make it possible to learn wherever, whenever and at the right pace.

Digital Israel in National Digital Affairs Directorate and the Council for Higher Education have joined in a joint strategic initiative to enable everyone in Israel to acquire education and develop.

Today, all you need is an Internet connection to access courses and content from leading academic and international institutions, professional training and public sector diploma courses.

The National Israel Digital Headquarters is a national venture that seeks to harness and leverage the opportunity of the digital revolution and advances in information and communication technologies to accelerate economic growth, reduce gaps and make interface smart, fast, efficient, economical, citizen friendly and a global leader in digital.

Campus IL, the national digital learning venture, allows you to enjoy an innovative and personalized learning experience with a vast array of quality content served to you by leading universities and colleges in Israel, the Ministry of Education and other government offices.

EdX's unique platform, developed by Harvard and MIT universities, allows for lifelong development and promotion for audiences, ranging from high school and college students, through teachers, civil servants and job seekers, to senior citizens and anyone interested in expanding horizons.

Wish you fun and meaningful learning!

Management's remarks

"For the first time in Israel, we set up an office for social equality To focus on narrowing the gaps that are widening in Israeli society. "
Orna Barbivay, the Minister of Economy and Industry
"The digital academic courses are produced at a very high academic level and allow lecturers a variety of tools and options that make teaching much more experiential for the student, including a combination of interactive videos and presentations and advanced media tools"
Prof. Yaffa Zilbershatz
"Digital learning is one of the most significant tools for equal opportunities and narrowing social and economic gaps in Israel"
Asher Dolev, Head of Israel's Digital Staff, Office for National Digital Affairs Directorate
"Learning in Israeli organizations will become accessible in the next few years, More customized and effective through the CampusIL platform. "
Eran Raviv, CampusIL Manager