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12 שבועות | 2-3 שעות בשבוע

What do we learn?

  • Identify some of music history’s greatest masterpieces.
  • Get to know famous classical music composers.
  • Understand music in its larger cultural, political and intellectual context.
  • Become familiar with the language and concepts necessary to comprehend western classical music.
  • Learn about the endless ways in which a musical work can be interpreted.
  • Develop a personal point of view of music and become an active listener.


This course will introduce you to the magnificent world of western classical music. The course is suited for students without any background in music as well as for advanced students who wish to explore the origins of western music.

The course offers an overview of the main classical composers and musical works from the Middle ages, through the Renaissance and the Baroque, the Classical and Romantic periods until the Modern era. Moreover, the course provides a multidisciplinary and historical understanding of classical music in its larger cultural context.

The course is taught in a uniquely intuitive approach to experiencing music. You will learn how to listen and to develop your own personal point of view as an active listener. You will acquire key concepts and basic music foundations that will allow you to recognize music forms, instruments, rhythm etc. The course will provide you with tools for further exploration in any musical field you may wish to focus on in the future.

Join us in this journey and fall in love with the incredible and outstanding world of classical music!

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The course staff:

Prof. Michael Klinghoffer


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