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Identifying talent, nurturing it and helping to realize its potential is what the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance is all about. Our students come to learn, create and express their commitment to music and dance.

The professors and teachers at JAMD are the finest in Israel and many are active internationally as highly acclaimed artists in the world of music and dance.
JAMD fosters international ties with other schools of music and dance, encouraging student exchange programs so that its students are current with all new developments.

The curriculum at JAMD is dynamic, a mix of academic study and practical professional experience. Innovation is a constant at JAMD offering a continually expanding variety of possibilities for study. The blend of cultures in its courses of study is reflective of the diverse backgrounds of its faculty and students. The result is an atmosphere where Middle-eastern music, European classical music, jazz and baroque are all taught under one roof. The field of dance includes classical ballet, modern dance, improvisation and a Department of Movement and Movement Notation, a field that has been pioneered at JAMD.

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Prof. Michael Klinghoffer


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