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What do we learn?

  • Articulate meaningful insights about the user and his/her known needs, unmet needs and hidden needs, by using hands-on design research methodologies.
  • Identify the emotional value of a product and the potential contribution of this identification to the innovative process.
  • Engage with their surroundings and the end users in the innovation process.
  • Collect and analyze data using visual thinking tools.
  • Understand the impact everyday innovation can have on the world – socially, environmentally, economically.
  • Gain new user and product-based perspectives from which students can innovate within their practice.



In The Design-Driven Innovation course we will learn and develop a unique mindset that will help us observe the world from different angles. We will wear all sorts of hats and empathize with different environments and users.  

With this mindset, we will create surprising, original opportunities for relationships between products, services, cutting-edge technologies, and the real world.

Participants will enjoy an interactive, “hands-on” practice of design research tools. These tools are important not only to the entrepreneur but to any professional practice.

We will step into the designers’ shoes and use their unique attitude to problem-solving, dive into key elements in the innovation process and expand it from the design perspective, with emphasis on human centered decision making and the user’s needs – the “empathic stage” in design thinking methodologies.

In this course we created a multidisciplinary learning environment, in aim of teaching design-based methodologies and creative tools for everyday innovation in all practices.

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The course staff:

Dana Benshalom


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