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Bezalel-academy-of-art-and-designBezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, was established in 1906 by the artist Boris Schatz as the “Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts” and is today the leading academic school of art, design and architecture in Israel, and one of the world’s most prestigious art schools.
Bezalel is a groundbreaking art school:  most of its syllabuses were the first of their kind in Israel when they first opened. The School is characterized by the quick response and adaptation to cultural changes and the pride it takes on its adult generations, the spearhead of Israeli artists, designers and architects, in Israel
and around the globe.  The passion for creativity and the dedication to quality and excellence have placed Bezalel at the epicenter of Israel’s cultural and artistic discourse for over 100 years, making it instrumental in shaping the country’s cultural identity.

Bezalel has eight departments for undergraduate studies: Industrial Design, Ceramics and Glass Design, Visual Communication, Fine Arts, Screen Based Arts (animation and movie-making), Photography, Jewelry, Fashion Making and Architecture.

In addition, Bezalel has five graduate programs, designed for graduates from a variety of fields and educational institutions: a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Industrial Design (in tracks: ‘About Design’, ‘Design Management’ and “Design and Technology’); a Master’s degree in Policy and Theory of the Arts (in the majors: ‘Curatorial Studies’ and ‘Art Criticism’), a Master’s Degree in Urban Design and a Master’s degree in Visual Communication.

Bezalel’s lecturers are among  the leading artists, architects and designers in Israel; designers working for leading companies in Israel and abroad, in high-tech, businesses and cultural institutions; artists presenting solo exhibitions in renown museums all over the world; architects who  plan and are responsible for large and key projects. They convey their knowledge, experience and abilities to the students, whom they consider as the future generation of the field.

In the forefront of technology
Bezalel, which has been home for the birth of Israeli art, has engaged to   preserve the tradition, heritage and history, while always acting in the cutting edge of technology and in the forefront of global creation. The diversity of workshops and equipment available at the Academy are among the most advanced ones in
Israel; alongside with traditional courses, are held classes for app development, computer games, interactive design in digital environments, 3d technologies and prints, groundbreaking equipment design as well as cooperation of various departments with technological companies and the high-tech industry.

Bezalel trains students to innovative creation, design and development so that its graduates are first to integrate as designers into key positions in the advanced technology market. Indeed, Bezalel graduates integrate the leading companies in the fields of high-tech, industry, movie-making and fashion.

Bezalel students, graduates and lecturers frequently win prestigious prizes and competitions in Israel and abroad, and in fact, no other institution in Israel in the fields of art and design has similar achievements and reputation. Among the most notable achievements: over 10 Israel Prizes; EMET Prizes;  awards from the Ministry of Culture and Sport;  Azrieli Awards (architecture); Israel Museum and Tel Aviv Museum awards; Israeli representation in the Venice Biennale in the fields of art and architecture; dozens of awards in festivals around the world for animation movies, video  and more

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