Headquarters for the National Digital Israel Initiative in National Digital Affairs Directorate of the State of Israel (hereinafter, "the Ministry") offers the information and online services in this Internet site (hereinafter, "the Service" or "the Website") subject to the following terms:

The meaning of the terms "User" is any person who makes contact and/or communicates with the Website.

The information in the Website is formulated in masculine form for convenience purposes only and refer to men and women alike.


Following the copyrights laws applicable in Israel and international conventions, the copyrights in the Ministry's publications, including those published in this Service are the property of the State of Israel. These copyrights command, among other things, text, pictures, drawings, maps, sound clips, video clips, graphics and software applications (hereinafter, "the Privileged Material"), unless explicitly determined otherwise that the copyrights in the Privileged Material are the property of another party. The copyrights are the property of the Ministry or of third parties and is reserved to them.

The User may perform "fair use" of the Privileged Material in accordance with the rules set by the law. Fair use includes a reasonable quote out of the Privileged Material. the said quoter should mention the source of the quote, whether it is the Ministry or another party. The User may not make use, within the Privileged Material, of any falsification, vitiation or other change or any action that may be a degradation in relation to the Privileged Material that may slight or dishonor the owner of the copyrights in it. Subject to copyright laws, the User may not copy, redistribute, retransmit, or publish Privileged Material without the Ministry's advance written consent.


There are links in this site, referring to external websites. These websites are not under the Ministry's control and the Ministry cannot be held accountable to the content of the material found in the foregoing websites. These websites are exclusively intended for the convenience of Users of the Website.. In addition, the Ministry cannot be held liable, directly or indirectly, to the content of the websites and it cannot be held accountable in any way whatsoever to flaws and/or defects and/or errors of any kind in the information appearing in those websites. The Ministry will not be held responsible to software and other damages if caused due to use of the websites. In other words, there are no legal or commercial relations between the Ministry and the owners of the linked websites.

At the time of editing the links to the external websites in hte Ministry's Website, it was found that the information complies with the Website's general objectives and the actual links are in order at the time. However, it is possible that with time, changes are made to the linked website, hence links to external websites should not be construed as providing authorization, certification, recommendation or preference by the State or the Ministry to the linked websites of their operators, owners or creators, including to documents and any other material contained in them or to products presented in them.

If a user in a website believes a linked site or material in it are not appropriate or if it found that the link is no proper or in any other application relevant to this Service, he is required to report this to the Website staff by e-mail to address Campus@mail.gov.il.


In order to be registered and receive the Services offered by this Website, we will issue you a personal username and password.

Pay attention that upon entry into this Website, you confirm that you understand and unequivocally confirm collection, use, disclosure and saving of your personal details as specified above in Israel, Ireland and other countries and territories for the purposes specified in this privacy policy document. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that any confirmation pertaining to the right to transfer information defined hereunder as "Student Data" also includes your approval to transfer the relevant personal data to a jurisdiction that may provide a different level of privacy protection than that existing in your country.

If your disagree to these terms, please refrain from surfing to this Website, reviewing any of its content or registering to it. If you choose to refrain from providing us with a certain information that is required for provision of certain services offered by our Website, it is possible that you may not be able to create a user account and we may not be capable of providing you with these services.

We will require that you provide us with the following information about you (Student Data):

  1. Full name
  2. ID No.
  3. e-mail address
  4. Organization name
  5. Name of the course to which you are registering.

We gather the Student Data upon your registration to the Website for the purpose of receiving a user account, while participating in on-line courses, registering to get a certificate for a payment, send us an e-mail and/or take part in our public forums. We also gather certain useful information regarding the student performance and learning patterns. In addition, we monitor information indicating to, among other things, which of the Website's pages you have visited, the order of your visits to them, the time of these visits as well as which hyperlinks and other interface controllers you have used.

We may document the IP address, operating system and web browser software used by any user of the Website, and we can identify from the IP address the Internet provider and geographical location of the User's connection point. An assortment of network analysis tools are used in gathering this information. Some of the information is gathered by Cookie files (small text files placed in your computer and record information about you to which the Website can access.) You are supposed to have the capability to control the way your web browser accept Cookie files, if at all. Most wen browsers provide instructions in hte Help area in the toolbar how to reset the browser so it reject Cookie files. If you choose to reject our Cookie files, many functionalities and elements of the Website's accessories may not be operating properly.

Among other things, we, educational institutes and other bodies )hereinafter, "the Educational Institutes", providing courses by way of the Website, may use information about you gathered from teh Website (including Student Data) in the following cases. In case we share or deliver your Student Data: (1) third parties that receive the Student Data are required to handle these data in a confedential way and employ security means sufficient for protection of the information from loss, improper use, unauthorized access of exposure, alteration and destruction; (2) we will disclose and share the Student Data with a third party only when requested by a third party for execution of either of the objectives declared to you upon gathering of the information.

  • To enable us and the Educational Institutes to provide, manage and improve the courses.
  • To assist us and the Educational Institutes to better the Website's value proposal, either individually (e.g. by a course staff when working with a student), or collectively and male the experience personalized and for the purpose of evaluating the access to and use of the Website as well as its impact on the Israeli and international educational community.
  • For scientific research, especially, e.g. in area of cognitive studies and pedagogy.
  • For purposes for which you have explicitly provided the information, such as in response to a specific question or to grant you access to content of a specific course and/or courses you choose.
  • In order to perform an individual and general tracking of attendence, progress and completion of an on-line course, and for statistical analysis of the student performance and learning method.
  • To monitor and identify violations of the code of honor or service terms, as well as misuse or possible abuse of the Website.
  • To publish gathered information, excluding personal information, that pertaining to access to, use of or influence of the Website, as well as to student performance.
  • To send you updates regarding on-line courses we or educational institutes offer or about other events.
  • To archive this information and/or use it in future communications with you.
  • To preserve and improve the performance of the Website, software, systems and network and their security.
  • For the purposes described in various places in this privacy policy (including, e.g., sharing with a third party.)
  • For the purpose of verifying your identity upon registration for a paid certificate.
  • To process applications for refund, when applicable.

This Website may include connections to websites operated by a third party, including other content and certain service providers, such as the providers that process payments on our behalf. These other websites are not under our control and you agree and acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible to the gathering of your personal information and use of it as part of your visit to these websites, unless mentioned otherwise in this privacy policy. We advise you to use caution when being redirected to third party websites from this Website and review the privacy policy of each and every website you visit and use.

We share the gathered information with Educational Institutes and we and the Educational Institutes may share this information (including Student Data) with a third party as follows:

  • With service providers or contractors that perform certain actions in our name or in the name of the Educational Institutes, including processing of information you have provided us in the Website, processing of acquisitions and other transactions in the Website by way of third party suppliers, operation of the Website or parts of it, provision or management of courses, or in any connection to any other aspect of the Services we provide.
  • With other visitors to the Website, if you send reactions, homework or other information and contents (hereinafter collectively, "the Publications") to a part in the Website that was designated to public communication and to other members of your class, if you are sending Publications to a part of the Website that was designated to the eyes of these classmates. We may provide your Publications to students who will register to the same courses you take in the context of the forums, the courseware or any other context. If we republish your Publications that originally appeared in the non-public parts of the Website, we will do so without mentioning your real name and e-mail address (unless you explicitly approve publication of your details), but we would be entitled to use your Username without your consent.
  • For scientific research, especially, e.g. in area of cognitive studies and pedagogy. Nevertheless, we will share your personal information for this purpose only if this can be done in a lawful way and to the extent permissible by the law.
  • In order to provide you with opportunities to communicate with other users with similar areas of interest and learning objectives to yours. For instance, we may recommend certain study partners or establish contact between students who have the potential to mentor one another. In such cases, we may use the information we have gathered about you to determine who may be interested in communication with you, but will provide the other students nothing but your Username and will not reveal your real name or the e-mail address by which you could be contacted.
  • In response to a summons or to a court order, or for any other legal procedure; to investigate or prevent investigation, or to act in reaction to illegal activities, suspicion of fraud, or in view of security or technical problems, or to enforce our terms of service, code of honor or privacy policy as much as may be required in excess to the applicable law or to protect our rights, property and safety or of others.
  • With entities and organizations related to us or to the Educational Institutes and/or with which we or the Educational Institutes collaborate or with those that will come in our place, in the event that the management of this Website or any part of it will be transferred to any other third party for the purpose of provision of the Services by them in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.
  • As will described before you upon collection of funds from you or following your authorization.
  • For integration with third party services. For instance, video clips and other content that would be uploaded to the YouTude website or others that are not under our control.

For your attention:We intend to share your Student Data with EdX.inc that provides or will provide us with hosting and other services as webite administrators.In accordance with a service provision agreement signed between us (the Headquarters for the National "Digital Israel" Initiative) and EdX.inc,

"EdX shall use such Learner Data only to the extent required to in order to carry out tasks in compliance with this Agreement. EdX will ensure that it will not share Learner Data with any third parties unless edX has NDB written prior consent or that edX is required to share such information, provided that appropriate confidentiality and security measures are taken. EdX will comply with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations relating to its use of Learner Data."

The Website and data stored in it are stored in server farm of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Dublin, Ireland. To review AWS's privacy policy and terms of use, visit https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/


Should there be a conflict or discrepancy between the material published in the Website and that appearing in official written publications of the State of Israel, the material in this official publications will be considered correct. In any event of conflict and/or discrepancy between the material displayed in this Service and another publication of the Ministry, the Ministry will determine which publication should be considered correct.


This Website use Google Analytics, a Google product assisting website owners understand the way customers are involved in their websites. When you visit this Website, your web browser automatically sends Google certain data. These data includes, among other things, the web address of the page you are visiting and your IP address. Google Analytics uses Cookie files, text files placed in the computer to help the website to analyze how users use the website. The information gathered by a Cookie file is transferred to Google servers where it is stored. Google uses this information to assess your use of the website and prepare reports on the website activity and Internet use for website owners. Google may also transfer the information to third parties when it is required to do so by the law or when a third party processes the information for Google. Google will not attribute the IP address to other information in its possession.

Use of Cookie files can be cancelled by selecting the appropriate option in the browser's settings, but in such a case, it is possible that some of the information appearing in the Website will not be available.

For further information on the way to cancel sending information to Google Analytics

Surfing to this Website constitutes your consent to the information gathering by Google in the way and for the purposes aforementioned.


The Service is offered to the public AS IS. The State of Israel will not be held responsible for the matching of the Service to the User's requirements. In addition, the State of Israel will not be held liable for mistakes or errors in the material presented within the Service. The State of Israel will not be held liable for changes made to the material presented within the Service by the User or any third party. The User bears the sole responsibility to the manner he uses the Service. The State of Israel will not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the User of any third party as a direct or indirect result of use of the Service, including damage caused due to use of software applications that were downloaded directly by way of the Service or used as a result of using the Service. For the purpose of this section, the State of Israel includes its employees and representatives.


Applications or questions regarding the Website's activity can be sent byway of e-mail to Campus@mail.gov.il.