About University:

Rashi Foundation’s Cyber Education Center – operates in the worlds of technological excellence to drive social change in Israel. We believe that by fostering excellence and providing knowledge and training in cyber and technology, real change can be made, reduce social gaps and create equal opportunity for Israel’s tomorrow generation. The National Cyber Arrangement at the Prime Minister’s Office – is a growing security-technological organization that combines knowledge from operational worlds with innovative and breakthrough technological action. The Alignment works to implement national policy in the field of cyber and to promote Israel’s leadership as a center for the development of knowledge and cyber technologies. As part of his duties, the National Cyber System is responsible for protecting the civilian cyberspace, promoting national capabilities in the field, and improving the ways of addressing current and future challenges in cyber worlds. The two entities joined in a joint venture with the aim of increasing the number of cyber experts and information security in Israel, as a result of the concept that the security of the State of Israel and the strength of the Israeli cyber industry depends first and foremost on the number of people engaged in this field and their professional capabilities. As part of the venture, a wide range of online cyber and information security courses are produced for the general Israeli public.

The Courses Of: Center for Cyber Education

The course staff Of Center for Cyber Education

Eyal Ciobanu

Startupper and Native Python Speaker

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Dana Even Haim

Head of AI Development Team and Bug Hunter

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Information Security Investigator

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Ran Bar Maoz


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