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Ashkelon Academic College is an independent higher education institution. The college was recognized as an academic college in 2000, but its path in the academic field began as an extension of Bar-Ilan University as early as 1965. Today, after 50 years of experience, the college offers BA studies in the social sciences, exact sciences, health sciences and Master studies. An iron rule guiding the college’s management policy: “”A student will not stop his / her studies due to financial difficulties.”” In order to fulfill this obligation, the College provides independent scholarship funds and additional scholarships from public funds, worth millions of shekels. The Ashkelon Academic College with extensive experience and reputation in academic teaching and vocational training has so far provided more than 14,000 graduates who have continued their senior positions in Israel and abroad or advanced academic studies.

In addition, Ashkelon College has initiated a new initiative to provide vocational training courses, and two courses that have been produced to integrate all learners into personalized learning.
The first course is “”Descriptive Statistics””, which Dr. Or Katz conveys. The course was produced in a fun and experiential way with colorful animations and visual examples. At the same time, the videos include subtitles, the option to download the exercises in PDF files and more. The videos focus on three major statistical software including SPSS, JASP and Excel.
The second course we offer is “”War and Peace in Islam””, which is taught by Prof. Yitzhak Reiter, an expert on Middle Eastern and Eretz Israel studies and heads the Research Authority and Head of the Department of Land Studies at the College. The course takes us on a timely journey into the golden age of Islam and teaches us, providing examples and explanations in animations, videos, and interviews with expert commentators in the field about the topics of the course.
The aim of the course is to enrich academic and public discourse in a critical discussion, to instill knowledge of the teachings of classical Islam and to adapt its religious interpretation to contemporary reality.

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Dr. Or Katz


קצת עלי

Prof. Ytzhak Reiter


קצת עלי