Frequently Asked Questions

How does one register to the site?+

Registering is easy!

Here a few easy steps to recieve our service:

Click on "sign up" and fill out a few fields.

"Full Name" write here your first name and surname. Remember this name will be on the certificates when you finish courses.

"Username" – here we meant for a nickname that will be shown in the courses . Username could be in any language , without symbols and spaces.

"Email" – be sure that you enter an email that you can sign in into it , because courses team can reach you . and we send emails about new courses that could interest you.

"Password" – Choose a password to sign in to the website.

Press V on " I agree to Campus IL Terms of service"

Directly after you finish to sign up , you will receive an email to activate your account . If you don't find it look In Spam , it could be there .

For you convenience there are more options to sign up , you can sign up via Facebook , Google , Ministry of Education identification.

Oops ... I forgot the password. What shall I do?+

Nothing to get stressed about. On the login page, under the ‘Password’ menu there is a link "Forgot your password?" Clicking on it will allow you to reset your password. If you have not managed to do this, contact the ‘Campus IL’ support team at

Is it true that the courses are offered free-of-charge?+

Yes. We are excited to say that the courses are indeed open, free-of-charge, and enable learning from anywhere, at any time and at your own pace, with the very best lecturers. After all, one of the goals of the project is to increase access to professional and academic education for the general public.

Where and when do the courses take place?+

All of the courses on ‘Campus IL’ are digital and are studied from your personal computer. So you are able to learn from anywhere, at anytime, and at a pace that suits you. Note that in some of the courses the content is revealed slowly, gradually (a new chapter every week). Details about this subject and the exact dates can be found in the environment of the course itself, after you have registered.

In which languages are you able to study on ‘Campus IL’?+

The learning system enables you to study in Hebrew, Arabic and English. To select the interface language, click the language menu which appears on the top bar. Note that even within the courses themselves, you will have the ability of selecting the language of the subtitles.

Do ‘Campus IL’ courses entitle you to academic credits?+

Students who are registered with the institute (‘regular’ students) are entitled to credits, subject to taking the examination at the academic institute itself. With regard to external students, each academic institute has its own policy on this subject. The information can be found in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) tab within the course, or by contacting the faculty of the course personally.

Is it possible to study from cellular phones?+

The ‘Campus IL’ application is currently being developed by both IOS and by Android. In the meantime you are welcome to study through the Internet browser on your mobile phone. Note, however, that not all learning components are fully supported on a mobile phone, so in order to get the optimal learning experience we recommend that you use your computer.

Can I change my password?+

Of course! Look for your user name at the top of the page, click on it and a menu will open. Select "Account" and then click the "Reset Your Password" tab. Check your mailbox. A mail for resetting the password will already be waiting for you there.

What are the technical requirements for using ‘Campus IL’?+

Using the learning system is very simple and requires only a stable connection to the Internet, speakers or headphones in good condition, and an updated browser. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox, rather than Explorer.

I saw that the date of the course has already begun. Can I join now?+

Certainly. That's what's great here. The ‘Campus IL’ digital learning platform allows you to learn at the time, the place and at the pace you decide on. So even if the course has already started, you are always welcome to join. Nevertheless, pay attention to the fact that some courses have an end date. In this case you will receive an update from the faculty of the course.

Where do I see the courses that I have registered for?+

After you are connected to Campus IL website , Press on "My Courses" on the top of the page

Where can I track my progress in the course?+

Click on the ‘Progress’ (!) tab which is located in the upper section of the course environment itself, and continue to progress at your own pace. (Note that there are some courses that do not include an assessment or score and, therefore, they do not contain a ‘Progress’ tab)

Do I need any prior knowledge in order to take a course?+

Most of the courses at ‘Campus IL’ do not require prior knowledge. In any event, this information appears on the ‘About’ page of each of the courses.

Where can I get general information about the course? (Such as the curriculum, how the grades are determined, dates, etc.)+

Great question. Look for the 'Home' tab within the course environment.

I am a teacher and I have found a fascinating course in the catalog that would suit my class. Am I able to teach this?+

There are a variety of courses on ‘Campus IL’ that are taught – with the approval of the Ministry of Education – in middle schools and high schools, and even entitle you to receive dual credits (grades and alternative assessments in schools and academic credits). For further information please contact

I am an instructor and am interested in studying one of the courses in various learning centers and workshops. Can I do that?+

We promote ‘Blended Learning’, which combines digital learning and face-to-face sessions, and is proven to have very great potential. For more information contact us by e-mail:

Is it possible to contact a lecturer or a tutor of a particular course?+

The various course teams will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Information on this subject can be found within the course environment.

Are you planning to upload an additional catalog of courses at a later date?+

Certainly! Already during the coming year we are expecting to upload more than one hundred additional courses in a variety of subjects and professions. Do you have an idea or requirement for a course on a particular subject? We would appreciate it if you would share this with us by email –