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What do we learn?

  • Understand basic concepts in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Learn to identify the market in which a venture operates.
  • Understand how to identify a problem, its underlying need, and how to design potential solutions for it.
  • Learn the lean startup methodology.
  • Learn how to design a business model and how to use the business model canvas Understand the importance of design within the venture development process.
  • Articulate the value proposition of a venture.
  • Learn how to present a venture successfully and coherently to an audience.



In an age where technology is disrupting the world of work, every student needs to be prepared. This course will allow participants to learn Innovation and Entrepreneurship fundamentals and help them become more “future proof” in their careers. The course will focus on how innovation can be developed and enhanced and then will look at the world of entrepreneurship and how it can be relevant for every one of the participants.

Throughout the course, we will introduce and practice the Lean Startup Model, focusing on identifying real problems for people and then finding solutions for those problems. Students will watch short videos, use interactive applications, answer online quizzes, and develop an idea for a venture (business, social, or design) as an online course. The course will end with a project that presents a model for a real-world venture.

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The course staff:

Amnon Dekel, PhD

Executive Director at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

About Me

Sharon Levite-Vaknin

Course Co-Creator at ASPER-HUJI Innovate, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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Talya Porre

Teaching Assistant

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