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קורס זה מוגש בשפה האנגלית באמצעות פלטפורמת edX ולכן דורש הרשמה נפרדת.
:What you will learn

  •  The basics of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • The basics of Object-Process Methodology (OPM)
  • How to construct conceptual models in OPM using OPCloud
  •  How to communicate the purpose, function, and enablers of a system via a conceptual model
  • How to construct conceptual models of technological, social and natural systems
  • How to identify the function, structure, and behavior of a system
  • How to manage the complexity of a system model
  • How to model synchronous and asynchronous systems


Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a contemporary systems engineering methodology that uses conceptual models for communication between system architects, designers, developers, and stakeholders. Object-Process Methodology (OPM, ISO 19450) is an MBSE language and methodology for constructing domain-independent conceptual models of all kinds of systems. The course provides systems engineers and others with basic knowledge and tools for MBSE using OPM, focusing on conceptual modeling of systems, giving learners a competitive advantage over their peers.

OPM has a small set of symbols and one kind of diagram, making it easy to learn and enjoyable to use. Every OPM model is composed of objects and processes, connected by relations.

OPM models include two ways of expression: graphical (Object-Process Diagram) and verbal (Object-Process Language). The methodology enables complexity management of systems via hierarchical composition. OPM is a formal yet intuitive approach to conceptual modeling. It is implemented in OPCloud, a novel Web-based OPM modeling environment.

During the course, you will learn the process of system design and development using MBSE with OPM. The course content was produced to be informative and entertaining. You will model various real-life systems in OPM – mainly technological, but also social and natural. Learning is made interactive through diverse, engaging exercises.

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The course staff:
Prof. Dov Dori

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