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קורס זה פותח עבור משרד החינוך – המזכירות הפדגוגית, והנו חלק מסדרת ‘מיקרו-קרדיטציה. קצר ולעניין!’.(להסבר על המודל לחצו כאן, לצפייה בקטלוג המלא לחצו כאן)

What we learn

  • To understand what is effective feedback.
  • To become familiar with types of postive feedback.
  • To create and implement your own rubric for giving positive feedback and assessment effectively in your class.


Many students find oral presentations in English threatening and/or complicated. They are reluctant to speak up in the presentation for fear of making errors. Furthermore, teachers tend to correct immediately and often. While maintaining the attitude that: " to err is human" and a learning opportunity, we can encourage students to be confident with their oral presentations specifically, and oral skills, in general.
with positive feedback and assessment given by teachers, students are more likely yo have a positive attitude towards oral presentations. While being assessd in a positive manner, students are more likely to gain the focused language skill/s.

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