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קורס זה פותח עבור משרד החינוך – המזכירות הפדגוגית, והנו חלק מסדרת ‘מיקרו-קרדיטציה. קצר ולעניין!’.(להסבר על המודל לחצו כאן, לצפייה בקטלוג המלא לחצו כאן)

What we learn

  • To motivate students to engage in conversations.
  • To encourage student oral fluency in an interview conversation.
  • To encourage students to learn and implement relevant vocabulary.
  • To enable teachers to plan and carry out a successful interview conversation activity in the classroom.


This course offers a dynamic, fun classroom activity "Appointment Clock" Students engage in short interview conversations in a simulated appointment schedule. This practice enables strengthening language skills of asking and answering questions and using the appropriate vocabulary and grammar which are the needed skills in order to be successful in an interview conversation.

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