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Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is the ultimate source for Holocaust education, remembrance, documentation and research. From the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem's integrated approach incorporates meaningful educational initiatives, groundbreaking research and inspirational exhibits. Its use of innovative technological platforms maximizes accessibility to the vast information in the Yad Vashem archival collections to an expanding global audience. Yad Vashem is at the forefront of the unceasing efforts to safeguard and impart the memory of the victims and the events of the Shoah period, to document accurately one of this darkest of chapters in the history of humanity, and to grapple effectively with the ongoing challenges of keeping the Holocaust relevant today and for future generations.

The international School for Holocaust Studies: The International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem serves as a world center for Holocaust education, attracting students and educators from around the globe. Each year, the International School engages with more than 300,000 Israeli students and soldiers, as well as thousands of educators from Israel and abroad. Guided by its unique pedagogical philosophy, the International School continually develops educational materials, cutting-edge online pedagogical tools and teacher-training activities in order to create tailor-made programs suitable for different age groups and cultures. Teachers who graduate from the International School's programs form a network of dedicated educational professionals, who continue to disseminate Yad Vashem's pedagogical methodology throughout the world. Yad Vashem's Virtual School stands at the forefront of educational technology, offering advanced online tools and innovative digital materials to help educators appropriately broach the important and serious subject of the Holocaust in their classrooms.





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