About University:

Sapir Academic College is the largest public college in Israel. Above 7,500 students from around the country, coming to the western Negev and living in the neighboring Kibbutzim and in the city of Sderot, are enrolled in the College. The College has 16 departments for undergraduate and 4 MA departments, a Technology Center for Engineers, a Center for External Studies and Continuing Education, an Art School as well as pre-academic preparatory programs. The College also operates dormitories, a sports center, a radio station, galleries, health services and diverse activities of the Students' Union. In Sapir, the tuition is academic and the first academic year is free for discharged soldiers.

The Online Course "Blue and White TV: Changing Identities in Israeli Series",  under the instruction of Dr. Itay Harlap, was taken in the modern television studio in the Department of Sound and Video Arts in Sapir and was entirely produced by students and graduates of Sapir College.

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