About University:

Education, is an institution of higher education that grants a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and a teaching certificate for educators, in a wide range of fields and disciplines, from humanities and social sciences to exact and natural sciences.

Oranim was founded by the Kibbutz Movement on a magical green hill, out of the faith in the power of education to create a revised society based on education, values and love for others, the country and the state.

Oranim maintains a tradition of quality and professionalism, and works out of awareness of current contexts, with a reputation for being an expert in the field of education, with the ability to respond to the needs of the field and to the growth of theory and research out of practice.

Oranim is home to people who see education as a vocation. Its core is composed of a community of educators and creators, thinkers and scholars, searchers, people of book and action, who work steadily in the educational field in order to establish a studying, honest, egalitarian and right Israeli society.

Oranim is a breeding ground in which the thorough academic learning experience takes place in the routine of a civil partnership, on a multicultural campus that encourages multiple identities.

Oranim strives to impact the Israeli society, to bring a social change and to improve the quality of life by training leading educators in their communities, and through a network of extensive connections and cooperation between the College, local educational institutions and communities; this way, Oranim creates a connection between Israel, the world and the Diaspora.

Oranim is a national and international center of knowledge, research and discussion, topical study and the leadership of socio-environmental activity.

Oranim encourages students' involvement in diverse communities and encourages the connection between the academy and the field in cooperation with the educational institutions and the local authorities through mutual listening and based on the relationships between autonomous organizations which are responsible and have defined ways.

Oranim College ranked first in a national student union satisfaction survey for the quality of instruction conducted in October 2018; the survey examined the degree of satisfaction of the students from the higher education system.