About University:

Levinsky College of Education is a veteran and leading Israeli academic institution that shapes education and society and offers high quality education. The College aims to lead a fundamental change in education and society through pedagogical research and innovation.
The college was founded in 1912 in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv and became the first Hebrew-speaking college for teacher training encouraging its graduates to strive for professionalism, caring and cross-cultural sensitivity, social involvement and the perception of the teacher as one who researches and values his work as part of his professional life.
The College promotes innovation in education, teaching and professional development, while incorporating technologies and exposure to a rich knowledge digital world. This is to train educators who are able to cope with the renewed world our children grow up in and teach them to face the challenges in creative and interesting ways that change from child to child and are tailored to each one. To this end, the Center for Innovative and Best Teaching was established at the College, which includes a simulation and learning center for cases and an innovative learning space."