About University:

HIT-Holon Institute of Technology is an institution of higher education that focuses on teaching science, engineering, design and technology, and conducting theoretical research.
This is from a broad and multidisciplinary view of advanced technology - from its scientific, professional, economic and cultural aspects, and from the importance of the close relationship between the academy and the knowledge-intensive technology industry in the State of Israel.

The institute trains highly skilled scientists, engineers, managers and designers who, at the end of their studies, integrate into key positions, knowledge-intensive industries, and propel industry and the economy forward.

The institute has several research centers in the field of science and engineering, a variety of professional laboratories with state-of-the-art technological equipment, workshops and TV and radio studios. The academic staff and students have a variety of computer and Internet services and the most advanced online library services.http://campus.gov.il/academic_institution/ Institute-Technology-Holon-hit.
The Institute was established in 1969 and operated under the auspices of Tel Aviv University until 1999. Beginning in 1999, the institute operates as a public independent academic institution, recognized by the Council for Higher Education (NGOs)."

The course staff Of HIT – Holon Institute of Technology

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