About University:

Beit Berl Academic College is a multi-disciplinary academic institution with an applied social orientation to train professionals and develop them throughout their careers. At the core of the college is the focus in the various fields of education and training for teaching at the BA, Master's degree and academic training of teaching academics.
The College promotes the various arts and art education as well as social studies, government and humanities.

At the college, more than 4,400 students are engaged in full-time programs for a first and second academic degree, a teaching diploma and an educational worker's diploma, and more than 5,800 students engaged in diploma studies, personal and organizational development programs and various qualifications.

The college has a network of international connections that facilitate faculty and student exchanges as well as collaborative research programs.
The research activity at the college has been gaining momentum in recent years and the number of faculty members winning research funds, including competitive and international, is rising year by year.

The College emphasizes the social value dimension of its activities in both the multicultural composition of its faculty and students and in a wide range of activities in society and in the community.

We are constantly being renewed at the college's established centers, with unique activities such as excellence day, professional conferences, and academic and social entrepreneurship of students, employees and lecturers.

We invite you to visit the College website to learn about the various innovations.