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Bar-Ilan is one of the largest universities in Israel. The University has 8 faculties in the fields of: Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Jewish Studies, Humanities, Exact sciences, Law, Engineering and Medicine, as well as a unit for interdisciplinary studies.


Bar Ilan continually cultivates academic excellence in research and teaching, and is one of the leading universities, inter alia in the fields of cyber, information sciences, artificial intelligence, brain research, alternative energy and Jewish law and democracy. Over 20 Israel Prizes were awarded over the years to the University researchers in the fields of Judaism, education, literature, society and law. In addition, many international prizes and important research grants have been awarded to researchers in the fields of medicine, chemistry, physics and computer sciences. The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Jewish Studies is the largest of its kind in the academic world, and the Responsa project is one of its most notable achievements.


The leading research approach at Bar-Ilan deals with the challenges of the future, in which various areas of knowledge are engaged in a multidisciplinary and complex study, in order to bring significant improvement in our world. In accordance with this innovative approach, challenging Impact Centers have  been established in various fields, such as the Smart Cities Impact Center, the Network Science Impact Center, the Quest - Quantum Entanglement Impact Center,  the Depression Research Center, the Personalized Medicine Center, the Electric Propulsion Impact Center, the  Systems and Circuits Impact Center, the North American Jewish and Israel Research Centre,  the Cyber Security Impact Center and the Judaism and Democracy Impact Center. The research in the impact centers overcomes the limitations of traditional fields of knowledge and leads science to significant discoveries and breakthroughs.


Alongside the academic research, Bar-Ilan also emphasizes the study of Jewish heritage and values. Most of the students at the campus take basic courses in Judaism dealing with the Bible, Jewish history, the Talmud, oral law and Jewish thought. These courses provide them with knowledge and understanding in the fields of Jewish sources of thought and Zionism.


The values of social involvement and mutual help are also an integral part of the university's activities. Many students, alongside staff members, voluntarily intervene and provide their services in the community in the professional clinics operated by Bar-Ilan in the fields of optometry, psychology, law and social work. The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, in the Galilee, initiates community projects that contribute to improving the quality of lives of the Northern residents. Bar-Ilan commitment to the values of Judaism, Zionism and democracy comes also to expression in the activities of the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law, as well as in many conventions and events that take place on the campus with a wide public participation.


The landscaped Bar-Ilan campus is a green island of tranquility located in the heart of Israel's largest and most busy city center. The university opens its gates before residents of the area, encourages them to tour its trails and to enjoy the gardens and ornamental areas. Members of the community are also invited to participate in a variety of enrichment activities, lectures, conferences and special events for the whole family.


Thousands of students from all over the country and from all religions and communities attend the campus every day, as well as staff members and visitors from Israel and abroad. All of these create together a multicultural human mosaic reflecting the face of Israeli society. In its study content, in the values it instills to its students and in its general climate, the University encourages and promotes the values of tolerance, freedom of thought and dialogue.

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