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The Kibbutzim College: top achievements, roots planted deep in the land of the country

The Kibbutzim College was established in 1939 as an initiative of the Collective Kibbutz Movements to establish a seminar for the training of kindergarten teachers and teachers in the spirit of the pedagogical concept designed in the kibbutzim. This concept is based on the teaching as a uniting whole of the school system with the community and nature.

As a public academic institution, the Kibbutzim College aims to train educational and care professionals with a humanistic approach and an environmental social responsibility, and to foster an academic knowledge based on democratic citizenship, out of the integration of arts in education.

The moral and social values of the Kibbutzim College are based on integrity, responsibility, quality, Israeli culture, democracy and freedom of opinion; all these converge to the highest and most important value of all - humanism, which means equality of the human value, dignity, liberty and development.

These values come to expression in fascinating multi-disciplinary programs that draw students from over the country to the College's lawns.  The Kibbutzim College is the largest and leading academic college in Israel, and is attended every year by over 6,000 students and students in a variety of innovative curriculum programs.

In a survey conducted each year by the National Student Union, the Kibbutzim College is ranked in the first places from all higher educational institutions in Israel – as far as the lecturers approach toward the students, the quality of teaching, and the general level of satisfaction.





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