About University:

A leading institution in education was founded in 1989 as an institute of Sharia and Islamic Studies and has developed as the first institution of higher education located in an Arab town in Israel that offers B.Ed and M.Ed degrees in different programs.
Al–Qasemi promotes high international standards in the development within its educational and organizational spheres. On the educational level, Al-Qasemi vision is to create an academic environment that facilitates and fosters both high quality intellectual achievement, and a culture of dialogue, in addition to formulate a national and international platform that enables multiculturalism.
The college has succeeded to pave its way and locate itself among the leading institutions due to its academic and cultural achievements. The unique vision of Al-Qasemi has proven to be successful for it provides an enlightened discourse, one that caters for the needs of all human beings irrespective of their ethnic, religious or social backgrounds.
The college has always emphasized developing human resources in the belief that enlightened societies, for the most part, are substantiated on capable and empowered individuals who are qualified to lead processes of social and cultural changes which harmonize with the college’s vision.
Since the early beginning, the college has worked to maintain excellence and high quality, in 2009 the college won the first position for the European Award (EFQM) for Excellence and Quality on the state level. In 2016, the college was given the C2E – Committed to Excellence (EFQM) award as the first Arab institution and the third one in the state, after the evaluation process via excellence of European institution module assessing different aspects: Leadership and vision, added – value for the student, fundamental and future planning, developing institutional capabilities, innovation and creativity, excellence sustainability, and human resources.
In 2017, the college was awarded the green campus status. In addition to Industry Excellence Award (Northern Region) on behalf of the Manufacturers Association of Israel that received in 2017, as well as in 2018.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Arabic Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Hebrew Language and Literature
Islamic Studies
Computer Science
Early Childhood
Special Education
Masters of Education (M.Ed.)
Teaching and Learning programs: (Arabic, English and Hebrew Language Education, Early Childhood, and Science Education)
Mathematic Education
Islamic Studies Education
Inclusive Education for Students in Distress
Masters of Teaching (M. Teach)
Islamic Studies Education
Arabic Language Education
English Language Education
Hebrew Language Education
Mathematic Education
Computer Science Education
Further Education and Diplomas
Professional Development in Education
Innovation in Education
Group Facilitation in Parenting and Family
Group Facilitation in Inclusive Education for Students in Distress
Detecting Learning Disability
Movement and Music in Early Childhood Education
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Academic Services & Facilities
Dean of Students
Research & Assessment Authority
Scientific Research Center
Public Relations Office
International Relations Office
Arabic Language Academy
Al-Qasemi Journal of Islamic Studies
Fatwa Center
Jama’a Journal of Social Sciences
Resource Center for Instruction and Learning
Student Service Center (Sawiyan)
Early Childhood Development Center (Bidayat)
Parenting and Family Center
Simulation-Based Education Center
Social Involvement and Responsibility Unit
Information and Communications Technology Center (ICT)
Innovation in Education Center
Observatory Center for Space and Astronomy
Professional Development and Continuing Education Center
Al-Qasemi Alumni Association
Cultural Museum





The course staff Of Al-Qasemi Academy
Dr. Baha Zoabi

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